Allen Hewett featured on I-Team TV News report: “Nanny Checks”

With elder care , daycare, internet dating and nannies, how do we know who is surrounding our loved ones. Watch WBAL-TV Washington’s I-Team report to see how you could be at risk.

Rain Days Reduce Crime

It appears that criminals don’t like getting wet, or maybe they don’t like taking baths. It’s always a quiet night for crime when it rains…..except for bar fights and domestics.

Thank you, Glad we could help.

Thank you, sir.  I really appreciate your patience and excellent service.  Since this type of thing is so rare for most people, it was nice to have such a top-notch, professional company handle my service. If I ever need any services that your company offers, I am happy to know that you are around to help.  This whole process was difficult for me to even start, and you made it easy.  And I am not young or inexperienced (I am almost 50 and have an MS in Nuclear Engineering), but, thank God, these types of things are rare for most people.

You have earned my highest respect and gratitude.

—————- Sheryl Burrows    On Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 9:43 AM

Allen Hewett SWAT Consultant on MSNBC

Allen Hewett as an On-air SWAT consultant during a Florida manhunt.

Video video clip:

Unique Theft Investigation

Hewett & Associates are investigating an east coast  Burglary where unique but legal tender US currency consisting of $10,000.00, $5,000.00, $1,000.00 & $500.00 dollar bills were stolen. In addition, other non-tender bills and various gold nugget jewelry pieces were also taken. Any word please contact us.

Hewett & Associates Opens Investigative Seminar to Corporations

As a result of several corporate and governmental requests, we will be opening our up-coming investigative seminar to their members as “First Responders” to a work related injury or internal incident. The next two-day seminar is scheduled for November in Baltimore. Details to follow

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David Miller Joins Our Staff

Hewett & Associate would like announce the addition of David Miller to our investigative staff. David will handle investigative activities while pursuing his degree in Criminal Justice at the University of Maryland.