Traffic Accident Reconstruction and Investigation

Hewett & Associates provides expert accident reconstructionand investigation analysis.  Mr. Hewett has been recognized as an expert in numerous states from District & Magistrate Courts to United States Federal Courts. By collecting evidence properly and utilizing the laws of physics, many questions may be solved including speeds, occupant placement, vehicle placement and reaction times. In addition, we could determine if any contributing circumstances may have existed, assisting in defense and/or limiting party liability. We also provide consultant services to cost effectively evaluate an accident report. This could assist in areas such as contingency evaluation, witness examination as well as identifying “problem areas” within the police investigation.

Many times skid marks are found at the scene of a collision. The question of speed becomes a concern. To determine an “approximate” speed loss due to skid length, click here.

Although covered elsewhere, an investigators ability to Locate and properly Interview witnesses can be invaluable. It’s not just what to ask, but how to ask it. What does the witnesses body language tell you? Will the correct follow-up questions be ask that may help clarify or detect deception by the witness?

Hewett & Associates also provides investigative seminars designed to train private investigators, insurance adjusters and even counsel in the basic techniques of accident investigation.