Domestic, Custody & Child Support – Surveillance & Investigations

As sad and disappointing as a situation may be, sometimes not knowing or living with suspicion is worst than knowing that your companion and/or spouse is less than faithful. Given the health issues of the day it can even be deadly. Likewise, the custody of a child is of paramount importance.

Our investigative agency can employ the latest equipment and techniques to help verify information given to you or confirm that deceit has occurred. Surveillance is a primary tool but other covert means of monitoring computer usage as well as GPS vehicle tracking are useful. Many times, adultery and abandonment issues can assist in court cases where alimony and/or retirement attachments are at issue.
In child custody and support matters, our historical tasks have been mostly two fold:

  1. Surveillance at the household of question to determine if the child is cared for by the people who are supposed to have guardianship as well as identifying the household health and safety status. Surveillance can help identify who the child is exposed to in the household. For example, does the parent have a boyfriend/girlfriend of questionable character and criminal history. Is there someone with a history of violence, abuse or drug usage that can impact the wellbeing of the child.
  2. Along with surveillance, Background Research of criminal and civil records may expose a variety of data that could be used in a Custody hearing to determine the proper guardianship of a child and/or the awarding of support.

See our Intelligence Form link below which contains a fee calculator that can assist you is determining the costs as it applies to your budget.