Criminal, Civil, Domestic & Background Investigations – Surveillance

Hewett & Associates as served the legal community since 1986.  During that time, we have assisted in such fields as Homicide, Rape, Wrongful Death and Insurance Litigation. In addition to the usual interviews, we have provided surveillance, witness locating, credibility verification, polygraph examinations as well as forensic collection and analysis.

An important aspect of most cases is that of witness interviewing. Too many times cases revolve around the “eye witness” yet this evidence can be the most inaccurate. Witness can provide misleading information for many reasons. Some innocent, by misinterpretation, some intentional by providing false information. Hewett & Associate operatives are trained and experienced in detecting deception as well as analyzing information and comparing that to observation vantage points and other outside influences. Additionally, background investigations can provide valuable insight into witness credibility to support your witnesses or discredit opposition.

Finally, if you can’t find someone, you can’t interview them. Hewett & Associates has a vast array of informational and data resources to locate individuals. Finding a lost loved one or family member can be heartbreaking. Locating defendants to serve in civil matters is step one in a suit action. Our resources allow us to more efficiently locate people which transforms in to cost effectiveness. Why pay someone $50.00/hour or more to knock on doors, research court records, call relates etc. when a flat rate search could locate someone within minutes?

Whether they’re a potential spouse, babysitter, nanny, elderly care worker, witness, a custody opponent, prospective employee or business partner, knowing someone history and background can be imperative. Do they have a criminal or civil history of theft, deception, violence or neglect. Are they a Sex Offender? Might your witness or even a jury member be bias toward your case because of their history, relationships or even political affiliation. These are some of the questions that may be answered by knowing someone’s history.