Babysitter & Home Care

Hewett & Associates is an invaluable tool in our attempts to prevent these tragedies. Many of us seek a local teenager, contact a posting on a bulletin board or newspaper in an attempt to find “affordable” child care. Sometimes for just a few hours in the evening. But think of it, you wouldn’t hire a stranger to guard your wallet, house or other valuables yet many take this route to care for their most prized possession…..Their Child. Why?  Families across America have done it for years, our parents probably did it! Then again, they probably didn’t wear seatbelts years ago. Sadly, society is changing while population grows. Years ago we never heard of child predators, shaken baby syndrome, nanny cams and the like. Today they’re in the news on a regular basis.

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What if I’m in an Accident?

Hewett & Associates provides expert accident reconstructionand investigation analysis.  Mr. Hewett has been recognized as an expert in numerous states from District & Magistrate Courts to United States Federal Courts. By collecting evidence properly and utilizing the laws of physics, many questions may be solved including speeds, occupant placement, vehicle placement and reaction times. In addition, we could determine if any contributing circumstances may have existed, assisting in defense and/or limiting party liability. We also provide consultant services to cost effectively evaluate an accident report. This could assist in areas such as contingency evaluation, witness examination as well as identifying “problem areas” within the police investigation.

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What if I suspect cheating?

Domestic, Custody & Child Support – Surveillance & Investigations

As sad and disappointing as a situation may be, sometimes not knowing or living with suspicion is worst than knowing that your companion and/or spouse is less than faithful. Given the health issues of the day it can even be deadly. Likewise, the custody of a child is of paramount importance.

Our investigative agency can employ the latest equipment and techniques to help verify information given to you or confirm that deceit has occurred. Surveillance is a primary tool but other covert means of monitoring computer usage as well as GPS vehicle tracking are useful. Many times, adultery and abandonment issues can assist in court cases where alimony and/or retirement attachments are at issue.

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